Runners of the Month - December 2012

Mary Gleason

Mary has been a member of YPOM for just barely over one year, although many members of our group have known her for longer than that.  She is the ultimate cheerleader and typically can be found making signs for fellow runners at the big races.

Mary is a very giving person and is always willing to help those in need.  She frequently volunteers in the community and was awarded Parent Volunteer of the Year at Oakview Middle School in Lake Orion.  Mary continues that giving spirit in the running community by helping others gain the passion she feels for running.  She loves being a Brooksie Way Training Coach and does a great job of guiding and motivating her group members towards the achievement of the half marathon.

In the past year she has also taken her running to a new level by completing two marathons, the Chicago Marathon in 2011 and the Marine Corp Marathon with Mark this past fall. She continues to find new ways to challenge herself and has a personable spirit that makes her instantly likable.

We are so glad that she decided to join us as a member of YPOM!

Mark Gleason

Mark joined the club at the same time as Mary, and just the same was known by some of the club beforehand.  When asked for feedback from those who know him best, the response was short and sweet.  "Mark likes beer.  And hunting.  The end."  That was mostly kidding.  He loves a challenge and is an all-around fun guy.  He ran cross country in high school but like a lot of us took a 20 year break from running.  Mary convinced him to start up again a few years ago and he's stuck to it ever since.  He completed his first marathon this fall, the Marine Corps.

Mark is an avid hunter.  His exploits are legend-, wait for it, …. -dary.  He has successfully hunted caribou in the remote Arctic tundra of northwest Alaska.  Dropped off by bush plane, he camped in a backpacking tent for a week (with only a thin tent between him and the roaming grizzly bear/wolf).  He is also one of the very few to get his number picked in the Michigan Elk lottery. 

Mark has always been a big mountain biker. He has competed in Adventure races - a 6 hour challenge where you race with just a compass and Topo map.   2-man teams in three disciplines -  canoeing, biking, orienteering. 

As with his wife Mary, we are honored to have him as a member.

Past Honorees 

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