Runners of the Month - November 2012

Erin Schmidt

Coincidentally, this honor goes to Erin exactly one year after joining our club.  Being a relative newcomer to Michigan after moving here from Pennsylvania, Erin found our club and decided to give us a try last year.  She quickly made a lot of new friends and instantly became a regular.  Besides coming for many of the weekend runs, she and her dog Otto rarely miss a Thursday Pub Run.

In school Erin was a cross country runner and despite her complaints about not being in as good shape as she used to be, she still can crank out some awesome times.

After being a member for only a few short months she decided to commit to her first YPOM road trip - the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon along with at least 15 other club members.  Despite not being in good shape and "just hoping to break 2 hours" she easily cranked out a finish time around an hour and 51 minutes.  A true sandbagger I suspect.

She recently completed her first YPOM marathon (second lifetime I think?) in Chicago with a stellar 3:46 finish.  Wasting no time, she is preparing for her next marathon in December - in beautiful Hawaii.

Erin always shows up with a smile and good words for everyone.  Always one of the first to volunteer she is a great addition to our club.

(P.S., you're welcome for taking the new pirate picture so that we didn't have to use the previous one.)

Paula McClellan

Paula (above right) has been an official member of YPOM for barely over a year now and also earns runner of the month honors.  Although she had known of the club and wanted to join earlier, she decided to wait until she had gone through some extensive training sessions on the side with Sue before feeling like she had the right to run with us.  Which of course now that she's been part of us I'm sure she realizes how pointless that was.  Our standards have nothing to do with speed or endurance, just fun.  And "Fun" should be Paula's middle name.

Her running career started only in 2010 when she joined the Brooksie Way training program.  She also met some of the members of YPOM at this time, as many were serving as training group leaders for the race.  After getting through that summer she and some friends decided to go for their first marathon the following fall - Chicago.  With Sue's help in training and mentoring she accomplished that goal last October.  While competing in our Run Rally later that same month she officially declared her intent to join YPOM.  Which accomplishment is more impressive is hard to say.

Her favorite part of the marathon experience (besides finishing) is the taper.  Paula can always be seen beaming at our events and is fun to be around.  She organized the highly successful first YPOM picnic this past summer and we are all grateful for her efforts.  She is also famous for her special "sandwiches" that Joe is always grateful for.

We love having Paula in the club and look forward to many more runs and social events with her in the future.

Past Honorees 

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