Runners of the Month - October 2012

Joe Burns III

Despite being a member of our bitter arch enemies, The Stoney Creek Running Club, Joe has been welcomed as a member of YPOM for almost 2 years now.  Introduced to our club after attending our first Run Rally, he quickly became friends with many of our members and serves as a connection between our two clubs (and each other's events) and his other volunteer work.

Joe is the head of the Michigan portion of Medals for Mettle, collecting race medals from donors.  Volunteers place a special ribbon on the medals and award them to children and adults who are fighting debilitating diseases.  You can see Joe collecting medals at many local races.

Besides helping to promote our events, and attending all of our Run Rallys, Joe is the race director for the Back to the Beach Half Marathon and 5K race that is held in May each year.  This past year YPOM manned the halfway aid station (with much more than just water!), and in appreciation for our efforts his race organization gave YPOM an awesome canopy that we can set up for our events and races.

His first travel race with YPOM was the Houston Marathon early this year, and we expect to see him on many more trips in the future.  We are honored to have him in the club.

(And just kidding about the "bitter arch enemies" comment.)

Heidi Scherzer

Heidi has been a member of YPOM a little over a year now.  Her job and living on the far east side makes it difficult to attend a lot of our group runs, but she makes it out to run with us when she can.  Training for her first marathon that year (Detroit), she was looking for some company and help to get through those long training runs.  And coming to the finish line, despite being tired and achy she had the biggest smile and looked so happy finishing (see the photo above as she approached the finish line).  She always seems to have a great attitude and is in a good mood while running (or at least hides it  well.)

After that first marathon she was ready for more, and signed up for the Kentucky Derby Marathon early the next spring.  This was also her first out of town trip with YPOM and helped make the event another fun group excursion.

At this point she already had decided to pursue the Marathon Maniacs - running a marathon in every state.  That only gave her two of course, but she is now following that up with another YPOM group trip this month - the awesome Chicago Marathon.

Unfortunately (for us) Heidi has accepted a job that will relocate her to Cincinnati.  But hopefully she'll come back occasionally and pay us a visit, and we already are working on getting her to attend another group race outing next May - the Pittsburgh Marathon.

We've loved having Heidi in the group and hope to keep seeing her in the future.

Past Honorees 

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