Runners of the Month - September 2012

Cheryl Kengerski

Cheryl has been a member of YPOM since April of 2010.  She has what is probably the most unique initiation into the club.  A group of us were at O'Connor's on St. Patrick's Day in 2010 when suddenly a lady showed up at our table that morning, just hanging around.  Apparently she had been talking to Holger and he invited her over.  She learned about our club, loved the idea of the Pub Runs, and showed up after the next Thursday's run.

Despite not being a runner due to back issues, she joins us whenever she is in town.  Being a flight attendant she is away quite often, but when in Michigan she can be seen walking on the Paint Creek Trail and showing up for YPOM parties, picnics, nights on the town, whatever!  Lately she has taken an interest in kayaking and is always looking for company on her adventures.

Cheryl single handedly seems to feed all of the squirrels at the park.  If she ever loses her access to free peanuts there could be a squirrel rebellion, so here's hoping she stays employed.

Cheryl is loads of fun and we love having her in the club as our star YPOM Walker.

Ben Offer

Ben joined our group back in April of 2011.  With just a handful of races to his credit, he jumped in and quickly became a regular at our runs and post-run activities.  While training for the Marine Corps Marathon last year, which would have been his first, Ben started to have some serious back issues which stopped his training.  Unfortunately he has not been able to get back on the trail since then.

(It was not intentional, but it just happened that September appears to be honoring the "back problem club".)

Lately he has been kept away from our Pub Nights while he is still recovering from back surgery and also attending night school.  But he still is an active member of the club when his schedule allows, joining us in most of the non-running fun and activities.  Ben is also a talented artist, and has come up with some fabulous designs as themes for several of our events, including our Tour De Troit, our Run for the Braaains, and our O'Connor's Pint Team promotion.

And of course, who can forget his awesome, first prize winning outfit for the 2011 Red Carpet Run - pictured above.

His upbeat personality and witty sense of humor makes him a delightful member of the club, both on and off the trail.

Past Honorees 

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