Runners of the Month - August 2012

Cathy Ivan

Cathy has been part of our club for almost 2 years now.  It was only a few years ago that she started running, mainly because the Brooksie Way walking training group was too slow a pace for what she was walking at the time.  So she joined a run/walk training group and that got her hooked. After that first half marathon in 2009 she was on her way.  She now helps others by being a Brooksie Way team leader herself.

Not only did she fall in love with running participating in the Brooksie Way program, she also fell in love with her husband there, our May Runner of the Month, Kirt Stalker.

Since that first Brooksie race, Cathy has truly became more and more dedicated to the sport, doing more and more races each year.  Her first marathon was Bayshore, then quickly followed that up with Chicago and Glass City, which saw her improve her time by over 25 minutes.  Besides those 3 marathons she has run numerous half marathons, and a multitude of races at other distances.

Perhaps her best claim to fame was participating in our Halloween Run Rally and dressing up as her idol Sue, wearing a "12 Pack Pacer" outfit.  (As shown in her picture above.)

We are thrilled to have her as a member of our club.

Dave Pelfrey

Dave joined YPOM back in May of 2011, shortly after his wife Leah had joined us.  Dave had one marathon under his belt prior to joining the club, but was convinced to do his second one - the very challenging Dances with Dirt in Wisconsin just last month, a difficult trail run with water, mud, hills, etc.

While he may never tackle anything like Leah is doing (50 states marathon club) he certainly can rise to any challenge when he puts his mind to it.  His recent marathons were less a result of the powerful YPOM peer pressure and more about wife pressure.  Dave claims that most of his running is due to her "encouragement" (to phrase it nicely), as much as to his own personal desire.

Don't know if this was his idea or Leah's, but Dave will be doing his first Ultra at Dances with Dirt in Hell, MI next month - the 50K.  I guess the Dances with Dirt Marathon he ran wasn't hard enough for him.

Dave has the enviable nickname of "Old Dave" simply because it was a way to differentiate between him and his son Dave in their household.  Of course since Leah can't help herself from calling him that around us YPOMers he now gets to be called that on his runs as well.

Regardless of whether Dave shows up on his own or is dragged out to Paint Creek Trail, we're always happy to see him.

Past Honorees 

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