Runners of the Month - July 2012

Mike Stolnicki

Mike joined the club last August after his mom did some advance scouting to make sure we were nice people that wouldn't be bad influences on her little boy.  Well, maybe that's an exaggeration.  Mike's mother had gotten to know Joe T. while playing Pickleball at the YMCA.  Noticing Joe's running shirts, she mentioned her son was running and planning to do some races.  Joe gave her one of YPOM's business cards that she passed on to Mike, and a couple of months later he showed up for a pub run and was instantly a fan of the club.

After at most 2 runs with the club, he succumbed to YPOM peer pressure. After mentioning he was thinking of doing his first marathon, and listening to some advice from the club while doing some drinking, he instantly went home and registered for the 2011 Detroit Marathon.  After some initial panic about "what have I done?", Mike followed a training plan, ran regularly with the club, and completed the marathon in about 4:09.

Mike has been a regular participant in the club, in both runs and social events.  His special Jell-O shots that he brought to the halfway aid station for the Back to the Beach Half Marathon (from where the above picture came from) were a big hit with both the runners and volunteers.

With it being early in his racing career, Mike is being spoiled by PRing at basically every race he does.  Of course that will change soon, but as an example he has seen his half marathon time drop from 1:47 to 1:44 to 1:40.  If all goes well his second marathon will almost surely drop significantly as well.

Leah Pelfrey

Leah joined YPOM back in April of 2011, and within a few weeks had recruited her husband to start running with us as well.  She is one of the crazy members of the club, er, I mean, one of the highly motivated and determined runners who is gunning for the 50 States Marathon Club.  After the tough and impressive back-to-back days Idaho/Utah marathons that she and Sue completed last month, Leah has now has joined Mike, Veronica and Sue as an "official" 50-Stater as she now has completed the minimum of 10 states.  And more already on tap for the upcoming months.

As part of her 12 total marathons, Leah has a couple of trail marathons thrown in there, and also has ran the 50K Dances with Dirt (a difficult trail race) back in 2009, I assume just for fun.  Several others in the club have run that race, but as relay team members.  Leah ran it as an individual which is no small feat.  Apparently she finds little use for the smaller races, as except for a few 5Ks many years ago her races are all of the multi-hour variety.

Her picture above shows her with both of her Daves, Young Dave (her son who is a marine stationed in Hawaii) and Old Dave.  When she is not busy at her job as an ER nurse, or traveling to yet another destination marathon, we enjoy having Leah show up for our group runs as she always has some great stories to tell.  We look forward to celebrating with her as she knocks off the remaining states one by one.

Past Honorees 

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