Runners of the Month - June 2012

Jim Micklas

Jim has been a member of YPOM for a little over a year now, although he was often spotted on Paint Creek Trail and at races in the past.  After a chance encounter with a YPOM coworker at O'Connor's during one of our Run Rallys, Jim was intrigued by the notion of a Pub Run.  That was all it took to lure him in as a regular.

Jim is one of the fastest members of the group, and has done quite well at races, often winning age group awards.  Jim did his first marathon in 2010 prior to joining our club, running a very nice 3:20+ in Detroit.  He was not necessarily planning on another marathon in the near future, but once he was a club regular he was lured into tackling Bayshore this spring.

Jim had an agressive goal of finishing in under 3 hours.  While he missed making it by less than 2 minutes, he still easily qualified for Boston with over 20 minutes to spare!

Jim is loads of fun, and doesn't always take running too seriously.  He ran the 2011 Brooksie Way half marathon in a Lions jersey and Lions Santa hat. He also put in about 15 miles during that race as he kept running back and forth with others between miles 10.5 and 12.  He also joins in on most extracurricular activities, including karaoke nights with his wife, and devotes a lot of his spare time for things like the Adams Robotics team that his daughter participates in.

We are thrilled to have Jim in our club.

Roxanne Ward

Roxanne officially started running with us last October, joining us for the Brooksie Way half marathon.  She quickly became a regular, and being the "honey" of fellow YPOMer Jeff R. made it even easier to show up.  She has always been an active person, having a background with such interests as rock climbing and yoga instructor.  In 2011 she started running longer distances and entering more races, and then found our group.

She made the commitment to tackle her first marathon which she just completed last month - Bayshore.  Despite having to deal with a rash of injuries and foot problems during training, she was able to complete the marathon in under 5 hours, running the whole way with Jeff by her side. The race was not without its difficulties though, as mid-race she stopped to investigate why her sock was getting so wet.  Yep, a massive blood blister had soaked her sock and left a nice puddle present on some lady's driveway. Unfortunately(?) we do not have a picture of that or it would be featured above.

Roxanne is getting close to completing her nursing studies and still manages to get all of her training in.  Yet another YPOMer who committed to a second marathon before running her first, she long ago signed up for Chicago this fall.

Probably her best claim to fame is taking first place overall for women (out of 15) in a duathlon last summer without the use of a wet suit and while riding an old mountain bike!  Old school style!

Roxanne is a welcome addition to our club.

Past Honorees 

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