Runners of the Month - May 2012

Kirt Stalker

Kirt is a longtime runner who officially joined out club last June.  He has been a Brooksie Way trainer every year since the race started, and in fact met his wife there, Cathy Ivan.  As an example of how much Kirt loves running, in 2010 he ran 35 races, including 1 Ultra, 3 Marathons, and 10 Half Marathons.  2011 wasn't much different, with at least 36 races including 13 Half Marathons.

This year he had his sights set on qualifying for Boston at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo.  An aggressive training schedule with plenty of speed work had him on his way.  A hamstring problem in the weeks leading up to the race made him decide to pull out of the race and save it for the next marathon.  However, at some point he changed his mind and decided to run the race anyway.  And a good decision it was, as his finishing time of 3:43 was 26 minutes faster than his previous PR.  Thanks to his upcoming new age group he made his Boston time with plenty to spare!

Kirt is made for this club.  He loves to run, and he loves to celebrate afterwards.  His one complaint is that he is always the last one to leave the Pub when we get together.  Looks like the rest of us have to step up our game.  Or rather our post-game.

We are honored to have Kirt as a member of our club.

Matt Kiracofe

Matt has been a member of YPOM for just over a year, joining in April of 2011.  He signed up to do the Let's Move Half Marathon in May (his first), but before that even came about he found himself registered for the Marine Corps Marathon later that year.  The power of YPOM peer pressure once again.

Unfortunately, Matt developed an injury that summer and he was forced to defer his entry until 2012.  Undeterred he later set his sights on The Qualifier as his first marathon.  But that didn't work out either, as he was sucked into the excitement of going to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby Marathon in April.  Thus, that became his new first marathon target.

Matt completed the marathon impressively in under 4 hours.  He also learned to respect the distance, as one of his first comments afterwards was that it was really difficult.  (And most peole would reply to that with, "duh".)  He also started to question the wisdom of registering for 4 marathons to be completed over a year's time before he actually ran his first one.  But marathon amnesia kicks in pretty quickly, so he'll be excited for the next one in no time.  In fact, he probably already is.

His classy photo above was taken the night of the marathon, when we stumbled across the Male Prom going on in the hotel.  Matt headed straight for it, but luckily we got him back before he crashed the party.

We predict much more fun and adventure with Matt in the future.  Glad to have him as part of our club!

Past Honorees 

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