Runners of the Month - April 2012

Sandy Stiner

Sandy is the queen of the Ultras.   A member of the Marathon Maniacs who probably would be shooting for the Ultra Maniacs if it existed.  When she joined the club last June she was training for her biggest challenge yet - the Woodstock 100 Mile trail run.  For most of us back then, it seemed insane.  (Personally, I still think it's insane!)  Bad weather leading up to the race made the trail conditions dreadful, and in fact it rained throughout the night while she was running.  Eventually she decided to drop out at 50 miles, which is still an awesome achievement.  She plans another attempt at the 100-miler this September along with at least one other crazy YPOMer.

At this point she has run 5 Ultras and 9 Marathons, including some "unofficial" races such as a New Year's Day no frills marathon at Stony Creek.  No medals, no crowds, just for fun.  The above picture is from that race, as you can see more beautiful weather for her.

Sandy recently retired from her career in law enforcement, and now has her second career in her dream job - working at Hanson's Running Shop (usually at the Utica location).  Stop in, say hello, get a hug, and she'll set you up with your next pair of shoes.

We are honored to have Sandy in our club.

Dave Hanley

Dave has been a member of YPOM since November of 2010.  He was always athletic and used to play competitive hockey.  He started to get into running just for the heck of it, but quickly fell in love with the sport.  He also was into triathlons when he joined us, and quickly recruited other members into the tri-action.

He quickly was coerced into running longer races after joining the club and was planning on his first marathon, Glass City in Toledo.  But Dave suffered a bad injury which kept him out of running entirely for a while.  He is now recovered and is as fast as ever, just completing the Roney 5K last month in a superb 17:45!

He once again has that first marathon on his mind for 2012, although I do not think he has actually committed to one yet.  Here's hoping he stays healthy and that will lead to an impressive marathon debut I am sure. Regardless, numerous triathlons are on the schedule.

Dave is considered one of the leaders of the YPOM social scene, arranging all kinds of fun activities, being it at a weekend bar or setting up the summer concert schedule.  He is a great addition to the club.

Past Honorees 

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