Runners of the Month - February 2012

Cary Aurand

Cary joined YPOM back in June of 2011 and instantly became a regular. Prior to 2010 she had only raced in one official event in 2007.  But when she got into it in 2010 she cranked out 21 races over the next 20 months. That year saw her run her first half marathon - The Brooksie Way.  By 2011 she had gotten so into it that she qualified and became a Half Fanatic.  Her second Brooksie Way race saw her improve her time from a 2:13 in 2010 to a stellar 1:55.

But of course, as happens to many that join the club, the lure of the marathon challenge got her.  She took the plunge for her first marathon in Grand Rapids last October and ended up with a nice run of 4:19.

For 2012 Cary is hoping to become a Marathon Maniac and also has her sights set on running the Chicago Marathon this October.  After that, she'd like to tackle an Ultra race, and someday qualify for Boston.  I'm anxious to see if Cary has that same happy expression as she finishes a 50 or 100 mile run in the future.

Cary is always a pleasure to run with, her attitude and mood is always upbeat and never seems to be in a bad mood.  The picture above is of her nearing the finish line in Grand Rapids.  Have you ever seen anyone so excited and happy after 26 miles?  One of the best finishing photos ever.

Along with her significant other to the right on this page, this couple makes a great addition to our club.  They both are energetic, fun, and have a bright running career ahead of them.

Brian Pruitt

Brian was brought into the club by his significant other to the left, almost immediately after Cary started running with us.  Filled with the same enthusiasm and high spirits they bring a welcome energy to our runs.

Brian is a very talented runner, having many age group awards to his name. He has at least one overall race winner to his credit (2010 Grosse Pointe Run 5K) and a nice assortment of hardware from other races over the past 2 seasons.

Naturally, since Cary was doing the Grand Rapids Marathon last year, Brian agreed to run it as well for his first marathon.  As it turned out, his speed does not decline much with additional distance, as he finished in just a second under 3:28!  Could we see Brian qualifying for Boston in the future? Despite the challenge of shaving 23 minutes off his time, I would not bet against it if he wants to go for it.

Another highlight from last year was his performance at the Warrior Dash. Coming in 8th place in his age group was quite a feat, missing 3rd place by a little over a minute.  For 2012 Brian is planning to run it again, with some big money on the line in a bet against his brother on who can run it faster. Brian could pull out an age group award this time, we'll see.

Congratulations to Brian on all his accomplishments in his first 2 years of racing!

Past Honorees 

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