Runners of the Month - January 2012



Elizabeth Ferry

Liz started running with us in 2011 during that prime Michigan running season - February.  She had recently moved here from that far away mysterious land called "Pennsylvania".  She quickly became a regular at our weekend Stony Creek runs.  Prior to living in Michigan she had run the occasional race, but nothing longer than a half marathon.

Just three short months after joining YPOM she found herself already running another half marathon, Back to the Beach with several other members of the club.

YPOM peer pressure is a strong force, as most members have found out.  But Liz is apparently highly vulnerable.  Perhaps her biggest mistake was getting chummy with Sue right off the bat, as Liz found herself signing up for her first marathon, the Marine Corps, a mere three weeks after joining the club.  She seemed a bit dazed after that, wondering how that happened.

As we figured, she had a great first marathon, finishing in just over 4.5 hours.  She now swears that she'll never do another, however with YPOM never is one of our least dependable words.

Liz's husband Tom has occasionally run with us, and has completed a couple of races.  He now is committing to his first half marathon next fall, so we look forward to running with both of them quite often in 2012.

Lauryn Roycraft

Lauryn finally joined up with YPOM at almost the same time as Liz, starting in February of 2011.  I say finally because Lauryn stalked us for a while before actually doing it.  She had intentions of running with us in 2010, but never quite managed to show up.  After noticing that several members of the North Oakland YMCA (where she works) were members of YPOM she finally came and again, like Liz she quickly became a regular.

Lauryn works as a personal trainer at the Y, and runs sessions tailored to building strength for runners.  She also regularly kicks Eric's butt at least once a week in her Monday and Wednesday early morning cross training class.

Lauryn has been running for quite a few years now, but since school she did not race until 2010.  The Brooksie Way was her first half marathon, and she completed it with a stellar 1:53 time.

Once she was ingrained into the YPOM culture, naturally what followed was to commit to her first marathon - Grand Rapids in October.  We were confident Lauryn could break 4 hours in that race, and that she did, finishing with an excellent time of 3:51.

Lauryn often comes home with age group awards, and has her sights set on the Chicago Marathon this October.  Is a Boston qualifying time in her near future?  Don't bet against it!

Past Honorees 

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