Runners of the Month - December 2011



Jennifer Lynn Warstler

Jennifer Lynn has been into running and overall fitness for many years prior to joining YPOM in June of 2010.  She had a large number of 5K, 10K, half marathons to her credit, and in 2008 she decided to try a duathlon.  Apparently she really liked it, as she then ran her first triathlon a month later.  And in fact, competed in 6 triathlons in about 2.5 months.

Since then she has run in about a dozen more of those multi-events.  Spurred on at least partially I would assume by good old YPOM peer pressure she took on the Detroit Marathon in October.  Despite her calf seizing up her late in the race, she pressed on to finish with a PR.  Calling for some YPOM support while still on the course, the Crombez's ran out to escort her through the last mile.  Her photo above is just about at the mile 26 marker - the pain gone (?) and filled with jubiliation of her impending accomplishment.

Jennifer Lynn is an inspiration to anyone she talks to.  She is always positive, she lived life large and dreams big dreams.  Running with her makes the miles fly by.  We are fortunate to call her a YPOMer.

Michelle Alamo

Michelle joined the club back in July of 2010 and quickly became a regular - at least at the Pub if not on the trails.  Soon after joining she was sucked into doing her first race - the Undy 5000 that same month.  And in true YPOM fashion she ran it in her underwear - well, closer to pajamas as she quickly bought a fine looking Wonder Woman outfit for the race.  Unfortunately she came up with an injury not even 1 mile into the race which sidelined her for a while.

But eventually she was back with a vengeance, regularly taking age group awards despite her erratic training schedule.  She has not been bitten by the marathon bug, as following a strict, lengthy training schedule is not her style.  But earlier this year she tried a triathlon and loved it.  Since then she has run a few more.  Her picture above shows her finishing the water leg of one recent race.

Michelle is always up for a night on the town, and being one of the members of the unofficial YPOM Social Club can often be seen hitting downtown Rochester with Nicky, Jeff R., Dave H., and anyone else up for dancing and drinking.

Michelle is a great addition to our club and we love having her around.

Past Honorees 

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