Runners of the Month - November 2011



Kathleen Dobrovic

Rochelle North

Frank Palazzola

These three rather new additions to our club go together like salt and pepper...and, um, a third seasoning.  They all showed up for their first runs within days of each other back in March of this year.  As they were all newbies together, and all have learned and developed as runners together, it is only fitting that they all be honored together.

Rochelle and Kathleen both had similar stories - relatively new to running, only running short distances but hoping to work towards longer distances, both nervous about showing up for a run with us "professional runners", etc.  As Kathleen's email was received only 2 days after Rochelle's, and sounded almost identical, they were put in touch with each other and agreed to show up that coming weekend and be newbies together.  After that they were hooked, and as one of them commented after one run, they were now "BFF Running Buddies".

If I then remember correctly, Frank showed up to run with us within 1 week of the other two.  Also being an inexperienced runner he quickly hooked up with Kathleen and Rochelle and they all became regular rookies, frequently running together and making friends with the rest of the club.

This is one of the things about this club that is so cool - seeing newbies come out and get hooked, get stronger and faster, start entering races, and ending up doing more than they ever thought they could.

They all had similar stories - Frank decided he had ignored his fitness for way too long and started dieting and entered the Couch 2 5K program, cumulating in his first race, the Super 5K in February.  For Rochelle, a similar story, she decided to lose weight and get into running after watching the Turkey Trot on TV last Thanksgiving.  That led to her first 5K at the Let's Move Festival of Races.  Kathleen had her first child early this year and decided to take up running as a way to get back in shape.  Perhaps a foolish goal, but she signed up to do the Shamrocks and Shenanigans 5K only 7.5 weeks after giving birth.  Yet, somehow she did it.

And that only led to bigger things.  Kathleen and Rochelle had at one time joked about being able to run the entire length of the Paint Creek Trail like those "fancy dancy runners".  It seemed so unlikely at the time I'm sure, yet that summer they all accomplished that feat.  And they all ended up hitting their biggest goal to date, that must have seemed impossible back in March - completing a half marathon.  Both Frank and Rochelle completed the Capital City half Marathon in September, and Kathleen completed the Brooksie Way a couple of weeks later.

We love having these three in our club and look forward to many more races and new challenges for each of them.


Past Honorees 

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