Runners of the Month - October 2011



Cleo Pawlyn

Tom Cameron

Cleo started running in the 1980s.  She would run for hours and at all times of the day.  Back then long-distance running was considered by many as a pretty odd thing to do, and her neighbors would be stunned when they'd see her running, be gone for hours doing errands, and then come back and see her still running.

She ran her first marathon in Detroit in the 1980s.  Together with one of her friends, about a month before the race, they decided it would be fun to enter a marathon.  She never kept track of her mileage and had no idea how far she ran, and didn't really know what 26.2 miles meant.  Nevertheless she had no problems and stopped multiple times along the course to talk to friends.  Shortly before the finish line she stopped to talk to friends, not realizing that she had to actually cross the finish line until someone told her to get moving!  Even with all those delays, she still finished in under 4 hours!

She's continued to run over the years since that first marathon and regularly wins her age group in races.  Besides running the famous New York Marathon, she wanted to have the experience of running Boston.  She trained hard for several years, suffering stress fractures and illnesses that got in her way, but persevered.  With her son pacing her in Grand Rapids last year, she met her time and qualified for Boston.  She finished Boston in 2011 while sitll recovering from the flu.

We are honored to have Cleo in our club!

Tom has been a runner basically his whole life, starting when he was only 10 years old.  Watching a one mile battle between legends Marty Liquari and Jim Beatty excited him to get into the sport.
His first race was back in 1979, and since then has run somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 races, including 13 marathons.  He also has been coaching runners for 20 years and according to Keith Hanson is a member of the Hanson Team.

Tom is also an artist (painter), as well as an author.  He is in the process of having a book published that he wrote on marathon racing.  Tom is always ready to share his vast knowledge of the sport with the club.

He is fortunate enough to be married to Diane, a real sweetheart and an accomplished film maker.  We are honored that Tom frequently brings her to our events.  Together they are a wonderful addition to our club.

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