Runners of the Month - August 2011



Nicky Thiele

Matt Shipes

Nicky burst on the YPOM scene in July of 2010 during the great summer recruiting drive of 2010.  Along with many of the others that joined that year, she quickly became a regular, joining the group for runs, races and social events.

Nicky used to run a lot in the past, and after recoverying from knee surgery she joined Team in Training to attempt her first half marathon in 2008.  Early in the race she hit a pothole and face planted.  Despite hurting the other knee, she perservered and finished the race.  After a second surgery, she returned to running and set her sights on her first full marathon - the Nike Women's in San Francisco in 2009.  A training season filled with injuries and a painful marathon race was not the most enjoyable, but she did finish!

And while she is not a big fan of the marathon, she has signed up to do the Marine Corps full this October along with many other YPOMers.  The power of YPOM peer pressure!  As part of this race she is raising money for the Diabetes Action Team.  We are all hoping she can stay healthy and strong and have a fun race.  (Or as much fun as you can have while running 26.2 miles.)

When she's not devoting time to her adorable children, Nicky can be counted on for joining in with most of the other leaders of the unofficial YPOM Social Committee (Michelle, Jeff, Michael, Matt, etc.).  She is a barrel of laughs and we love having her in the club!

Matt has not been here long, joining in October of 2010, but he quickly threw himself into the club.  He became familiar with YPOM through two of his roommates, Jordan who had participated in the YPOM Run Rally, and Kara, who also started running with us at the same time.

Matt had done some running in his younger days, but injuries led him to put it aside.  He started to get back into running in 2009, and with the urging of Kara he entered his first 5K early in 2010 with the simple goal of finishing the race.  Finishing it in a sub-10 minute pace was a nice accomplishment.

Since starting to regularly run with the group over the winter, Matt started slimming down and found himself getting faster.  He has tacked on several more 5K's since then, and about 13 months after that first 5K saw him run the Roney in under an 8 minute pace - about 5:50 faster than his first 5K!

Matt ran his first half marathon at the Let's Move in March, finishing in just a hair over 2 hours.  As with the case with Nicky, Matt is always up for the social activities, and usually joins us at O'Connor's after the Thursday night runs whether he ran that night or not.

Congratulations to Matt!

Past Honorees 

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