Runners of the Month - July 2011



Tom P.

Cathy Schmantowsky

Tom found YPOM just last September, during the great Tom recruiting drive of 2010 (3 new Toms within a couple of months).  An accomplished marathoner who loves the distance runs, he has run some of the big ones, including Boston, New York and Disney.  An envious accomplishment to most of us, he has qualified for and run the Boston Marathon more than once (if my investigative skills are accurate).

However his biggest accomplishment in most of our eyes was his commitment to helping his mother Cleo to qualify for Boston this past fall. Pacing her through the Grand Rapids Marathon, they met her goal time and celebrated by running the entire Boston Marathon together.

Tom is a great motivator and is a favorite to run with.  He has no problem running anyone's pace and has a way of making every run a joy.  This year he is looking to get a personal best in the marathon.

(FYI - For professional reasons Tom prefers that his full name not be used on this website.)

Cathy is being honored (by coincidence) on her 1 year anniversary of joining the club.  She is also celebrating the approximate 3 year anniversary of taking up running for health and fitness.  To stay motivated with her training Cathy employs the technique of signing up for numerous racing events.

Cathy loves the half marathon distance, and now has quite a few under her belt.  In October of 2009 she ran her first marathon, mainly to prove to herself that she could do it.

Cathy is a joy to run with.  While she calls herself a turtle in speed she shows her mettle on every run she does.  After running the Rangar Relay this past spring Cathy is eager to run more.  She is now part of the 12 person team that will be running in Utah in 2012.  Cathy is not afraid of travel to go to any distance race.

We are honored to have her as a part of this club!

Past Honorees 

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