Runners of the Month - June 2011



Bill Barsuhn

Stephanie Bono

Bill started running with us back in March of 2010.  Prior to that he had only started running about a year before and ran the 2009 Brooksie Way somewhat on a lark, filling in for a friend's boss.  With minimal preparation he was able to finish the race.  From my limited stalking abilities, as best as I can tell that was Bill's first official race.

Following that he entered quite a few more races in 2010 and the first half of 2011.  In that string of races was 5 more half marathons including a sub-2 hour finish at this year's Martian.  In true YPOM spirit he volunteered to be a pacer for the inaugural Let's Move Half Marathon, and along with Veronica he led the 2:30 group, encouraging runners along the way with inspiration and humor.  In fact one person who ran with them has decided to join YPOM.

Like most of us, he could not resist the allure of attempting the marathon, and committed to run the 2011 Bayshore Marathon.  Bill had a nice pace going up until mile 18, but then leg cramping began which seriously threatened his race.  But BIll persevered, and with stretching, walking, running was able to complete his first marathon!

Stephanie starting running with the group just last September.  She had run for a long time, but not with a group, and not with a goal.  Planning to run the 2010 Brooksie Way with the intent to hit a specific time goal, she joined the Brooksie Way Training Program.  Running with Argenta was such a blast that she jumped at the chance to run with YPOM when offered.  And she did hit that goal, finishing in under 2 hours.

Drawn in by the spirit and camaraderie of the club she quickly became a regular, enjoying running with the group as much as the group enjoyed running with her.  In her pre-YPOM days, Stephanie ran a handful of races the past couple of years, with her crowning achievement being the completion of the 2009 Detroit Free Press Marathon.  She didn't know it at the time, but many of her future running mates were with her at the time.

Stephanie's plan was "one and done" as far as marathons go.  But, as so often happens with YPOM, she was suckered persuaded into at least one more - the Marine Corps Marathon this October.  With the help of the club we're looking forward to an excellent race and probable PR from her.

Past Honorees 

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