Runners of the Month - May 2011



Jen McPherson

Paul Ranke

Jen has been running since 2004 when she did her first marathon - in beautiful Alaska of all places.  At the beginning of 2010 she was looking for help and camaraderie and found YPOM.  Having run the Detroit Half Marathon the previous two years with almost the exact same time (2:17:16 and 2:17:20) she was determined to run get her time below 2:17 and felt that running with the club would help.

Just 3 short months after joining the club she ran the Martian Half Marathon and set a new PR - breaking that 2:17 barrier by finishing just a hair over 2:16.

Since she loves pigs it was only natural that the first out of town race with the club be the Flying Pig in May of 2010 in Cincinnati.  The conditions were tough (thunderstorms while at the starting line, rain throughout the first several miles, a 3 mile hill during the race), but being with the club made it all worthwhile.

Jen has been a great addition to our running club.  She enjoys traveling with the group when she can but as a busy mother and teacher we usually have her for just the local races.  Jen has a great enthusiasm that shines through, just ask anyone who has run with her!

In his words,

Paul "rebirthed" his running life in 2010.  He joined YPOM in the spring of 2010, drawn in by his good friend JoAnne Gondert.  A common story, he was soon sucked into running obnoxiously long distances that he had not planned on running.  In less than a year with the club Paul has done a few Half Marathons, some 10 mile runs,  and many 5Ks.  He also is an avid biker, and while YPOM is not actually affiliated with biking events he does devote a lot of time to these races/events as well, and those activities are not to be taken lightly.

Paul teamed up with Jo to pace the "last chance" group at the inaugural Let's Move Half Marathon at the end of April.  Pacing close to the slowest runners in the race can be very difficult, as you are out there the longest and most of the crowd and post-race food and activities are gone.  Supporting the runners in this group is greatly appreciated by those in the race and should merit some special award.

Paul may or may not have plans to do an Ultra in the future.  I'm pretty sure that statement in his members tab bio was courtesy of Jo, and not from his own mind.  But one thing about Paul's future is certain - it involves plenty of beer!

Past Honorees 

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