Runners of the Month - April 2011



Andrew Willows

Brenda Firestine

Andrew is the best runner in the club that comes from the United Kingdom. Having run for at least 15 years, he found our group last May and quickly became a regular on our weekend runs. With his background and accent, you'd assume he knows quite a bit about Pubs, and sure enough he is a regular for the weekly Thursday Pub Runs.

Up until running with the club Andrew had never run a formal race. Within a couple of months of joining there he was at the starting line for the challenging Solstice 10 Mile.  Later in the year he ran his first half, and now has his sights set on his first full marathon in Traverse City this spring.

Andrew has a way of making speed look easy as seen by his fantastic finish times even while wearing wigs and glasses (don't believe me, just look at last year's Red Carpet Run).  Sorry ladies, Andrew is engaged (that's for you Catherine) but he's always up for a good time after every race.

Brenda joined our group at the beginning of 2010, having run for about 10 years at that time.  In 2005 she ran her first marathon at Bayshore with the help of Team in Training.  Since then she did not run another - until getting involved with YPOM of course.  Then peer pressure took over.

This past fall she conquered the Detroit Marathon with the help of YPOM. And she isn't stopping there, as she'll be joining Andrew in running the Bayshore Full next month.

Brenda is always a pleasure to run with.  While she claims she has only one speed, when ever you run with her the miles fly by.  Brenda not only coaches soccer for her children, she also plays on an adult league. Not only does Brenda run for herself, she is also an inspiration to her husband (not pictured) who with her help completed his first half marathon this past year.

Past Honorees 

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