Runners of the Month - March 2011



Eric "Britney" Gramlich

Deb Bennethum

Eric joined the club last June, just 2 months after he started running as part of taking up a healthier lifestyle.  Not finding a lot of satisfaction in running on the track at the Y, he searched the internet and lo and behold, up popped the YPOM Club.

He quickly became a regular, showing up for weekend runs and Thursday Pub Run nights.  After running his first race, a simple 2 miler, Eric took on a big challenge for a beginner, the hilly 10 Mile Solstice race. 

Eric is up for anything, running related or not.  At any time you can see him running with YPOM, baking fabulous cookies in the shapes of running men and women, out on the town celebrating in the clubs, hiking around in his snowshoes, or dressed in drag wearing a prosthetic butt.  And for actual running related activities, besides joining in the various traditional races, he recently he ran a 7 mile night run in the woods through snow and 10 degree weather.  And this was after taking second place in a snoeshow race that same morning.

Eric has signed up for his first full marathon coming up this June, Bayshore, where we know he will kick (non-prosthetic) butt!

Deb is one of the elite runners in YPOM, having qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times, as well as the New York Marathon.  With over 20 marathons under her belt, and at least 16 half marathons, she is undoubtedly the most experienced long distance runner in the club.  She manages to juggle her impressive running schedule while also coordinating the numerous activities that involve her 3 children.

Besides all the marathons, Deb has also done a triathalon, a duathalon, the Goofy Challenge (twice) and will be doing the Madison to Chicago Relay.  Her most impressive year was 2008 when she ran a marathon during each month of the year.  That earned her a 3 month rest before running Boston in 2009.

We are honored to have her in Your Pace or Mine!

Past Honorees 

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