Runners of the Month - February 2011



Dave "Nifer" Figurski

Sharon Koenig

Dave is a long time runner who joined our club back in April of 2009.  An active, multi-sport athlete Dave could be found playing basketball, softball, wallyball, volleyball or biking at any time through the years.  Dave has one marathon under his belt, getting in just under 4 hours in the Detroit Marathon back in 1996.  Knee problems have kept him from logging high mileage, but he'll come out for half marathons, the Crim, and shorter races in addition to our group runs.

Dave's nickname came as the result of running in the Crim in Jen Keuten's place a couple of years ago.  The bib had "Jennifer" in big letters across the front, and nervous of getting arrested or whatever Dave found a small piece of tape to cover part of the name.  It only covered the first 3 letters, thus he ran under the gender-neutral name of "nifer".  Now it's rare that anyone in the club calls him Dave.

Sharon has been a welcome addition to YPOM ever since joining the club along with her husband in November 2009.  Shortly after running her second marathon, the Maui Marathon in paradise, they started running with us in the dead of winter in slightly less than paradise weather.  A fixture on our weekend runs as well as our weekly Pub Runs, Sharon is always bubbly and ready for fun.

Sharon has since tacked on a couple more marathons as well as several other races with the club.  Her enthusiasm for running the Vegas Marathon last December with several other members of the club as part of the Running Elvi was not quite matched by Rich, but of course she got her way and Rich ended up running the full marathon with her.  Even more exciting than the race or the trip itself for Sharon was undoubtedly being able to use Jaye's Bedazzler and the glue gun for decorating the running costumes.  She was unstoppable and may now be a Bedazzler addict.

But don't let her small size fool you, she's tough as nails.  Last month she ran a 5K race in the morning followed by a 7 mile night run.  Through the woods.  Through a foot of snow.  In 10 degree weather.

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