Runners of the Month - January 2011



Jaye Quadrozzi

Rich Koenig

Jaye found YPOM this past May, and quickly ingrained herself in the club, joining in most group runs and several races.  She joined the YPOM contingent invading Chicago for this past October's marathon and also traveled to Las Vegas for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon.

Not one to be a fan of costumes, nonetheless she went all out for the Red Carpet Run, and followed that up with the costumed Run Thru Hell on Halloween.  Was then convinced to run the Vegas Marathon as part of the Running Elvi, and even ran in a Santa suit the day before in the Great Santa 5K.  Not bad for someone who hates costumes!

For 2011 Jaye is teaming up with Eric for the Muddy Buddy, another costumed race.  Knowing Eric (who likes to coordinate dressing up as Britney Spears with Jaye), their choice of team costumes could be verrrry interesting.  Jaye also seems to be considering a triathlon, so we expect to continue to see her regularly running long and far week after week. 

Shortly after running his first marathon, in Maui no less, Rich and his wife Sharon joined YPOM.  After that difficult and not totally enjoyable experience (except for the being in Hawaii part) Rich and his wife Sharon found our group and looked forward to enjoying races and training with others.  Little did they know that peer pressure would lead to even more marathons, culminating with the Chicago Marathon in 2010 back in his hometown.  And as luck would have it, the temperature on that October day ended up rivaling anything Maui would throw at you.

Joining into the true YPOM spirit, Rich found himself succumbing to the hype and excitement and running the Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Marathon in December. Once again he was reminded why he is not a big fan of the marathon, yet, can more be in his future anyway?  How can he resist the lure of YPOM peer pressure?

Doctor Richard is a great addition to the club, and even if he is struggling to finish a marathon without dying you know he secretly loves it!

Past Honorees 

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