Runners of the Month - December 2010



Jim Crombez

Jeff Ropponen

Jim began running with the Brooksie Way groups to train for his first half marathon in 2008 using the Galloway Run/Walk method.  After completing his first Brooksie Way Jim began to set new goals for himself.  Jim is alway looking to improve his running skills but still finds time to be a Scout leader for his son.

This year Jim completed his first full marathon in the brutal heat of Chicago with an impressive first marathon time.  Recently Jim has run his second full marathon in Las Vegas.  Elvis never looked better.  As a matter of fact, Jim was asked so often to pose for pictures that he should have gotten royalty fees.

Look for Jim training this spring for the Bayshore Marathon and as always looking to improve his own personal record.

Jeff a former cross country runner joined YPOM in the early spring and quickly became hooked to running again.  Jeff not only works full time but is a full time student in the OU masters program.

After running some of the smaller races Jeff conquered his first full marathon this year at the Free Press. As one of the faster group runners, Jeff time was impressive.  Now with the marathon bug in place Jeff plans to run the Bayshore full this Spring and who knows what else he can be talked into for the Fall!

If you haven't yet run with Jeff you really need to, he is a pleasure to run with and even better to drink with afterwards!

Past Honorees 

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