Runners of the Month - November 2010



Kris Mooney

Michael Walker

Kris is one of the oldest members of the club.  Not agewise, but in terms of membership - joining us back in October of 2007.  She has been a regular group runner over the past 3 years, and has participated in several races with the group.  Her regular solo runs typically take her past Joe's house, which she swears is just a coincidence, so we'll take her word for it.

Kris finally took the big plunge in 2010, signing up for her first marathon this October in Chicago.  With it being her first it is understandable that nerves and cautiousness would rule the days leading up to the race, but Kris seemed to have the "hell with that" mentality.  Staying out the night before drinking did not seem like sound strategy, but she impressed veterans and novices alike as it did not affect her race at all.  Despite the very warm conditions that took its toll on many runners she finished in just over 5 hours.

Her kids take up a lot of her free time, but along with Sarah she managed to lead one of the Brooksie Way 5K training teams this year, helping to spread the fun style and attitude of YPOM to new runners.

Mike joined YPOM this spring and was quickly sucked into the excitement and camaraderie of the club.  One of the faster runners, Mike quickly became a regular at our weekend runs and Thursday Pub Runs.

Having set a goal of running his first marathon in 2010, Mike was glad to have found this club to help with training and getting through the long runs.  His first marathon was in Detroit this past October, finishing in 4:08.  And in the true spirit of YPOM nuttiness, he also ran the Marine Corps Marathon just 2 weeks later, finishing just a few minutes behind his Free Press time despite some hydration issues.

A great accomplishment - I'm sure there are just a handful of people that have gone only two weeks between their first two marathons!

Past Honorees 

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