Runners of the Month - October 2010



Holger Hornisch

Michele Sechler

When Holger first joined YPOM most of us asked why he would run with us.  At the time no one was even close to his pace.  He was truly in a league of his own but he kept coming every Thursday joining both the run and the pub.  His speed and determination was an inspiration to everyone.

Holger or Ze German as he is known on the web began training for his first marathon in Berlin (his fatherland) and joined the YPOM ranks by drinking all day at Gus O'Connors St. Patty's Day party.  Holger has a great sense of humor and some really cool tattoos!  It is mostly due to him that we added a faster group of runners that add a great dimension to our club.

Holger rocked the Berlin marathon!  What will he do next?  We're thinking a Boston Qualifier is in his near future.

Michele's first group run was the coldest day of the year at Stoney Creek where you really have no choice but to run 6 miles.  Prior to joining YPOM she would run on the treadmill at work during lunch.

After that first brutal day Michele became a regular on those cold morning runs and began training for her first half marathon - the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.

Michele went on to run many 5K and 10K races but is best know for drinking beer until the bars closed in Cincinnati, then running an awesome first half marathon!  We are lucky to have Michele and hope we can talk her into a full marathon some time in the future.

Past Honorees 

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