Runners of the Month - August 2010



Joanne Gondert

Patrick Cusmano

Joanne has been one of the best additions to our running club.  She is a triple threat, or tri-athlete who has decided to focus this season on running.  While Chicago will not be her first marathon, it is sure to be her breakout one.
Joanne is a wonderful cheerleader who encourages everyone.   She encouraged Paul to join us (lucky us cause he's awesome) and is one of the biggest supporters of all we do even if it is playing sag wagon on runs from Detroit to Royal Oak.  During the day Joanne works as an RN at Royal Oak Beaumont in the Oncology department.  Running is a stress relief for her and we are glad she chose us to run with.
And I have no idea how she was able to compete in those triatholons with such an ill-fitted bike!

Patrick started running with us in the dead of winter at Stony Creek.  While running faster than most of the club at the time, Patrick still met us even though he lives on the far East Side.

This year Patrick proved that not only is he a fast runner but that he fits in with our clubs quirky sense of humor and drinking style.  After all you need to have a sense of humor to run the Cork Town race in your own version of a Blue Man Suit (except of course in Green).  Patrick drank the night away after the Bay Shore Marathon and bypassed all of the running club at around 2:00am.  Thanks to Patrick we now know what the real meaning of COD is.

Patrick has recently started up the YPOM East runs.  Hopefully a large following will begin joining him on Wednesdays!

Past Honorees 

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