Runners of the Month - July 2010



Lisa Mausolf

Lana Rahme

Lisa is a longtime member of the club, brought in by co-founder Jen Keuten.  Lisa quickly earned the nickname "The Shuffler" due to her habit of failing to lift her feet very high when she runs.  Argenta quickly claimed Lisa as her project to try to whip her into an elite runner.

While running the Detroit Marathon in 2009, Lisa met up with Joe who was also struggling to finish, and made a pact as they walked the final 4 miles that 2010 would be the year of the shorter races.  This vow lasted only a few months as Lisa quickly succumbed to the allure of the Chicago Marathon.  With it being the first marathon she ever ran, and this year's being held on 10-10-10, and the next one being her 10th, she felt it was her destiny.

Lisa has won many age group awards in her career, expecially early on when she wisely ran a lot of races that had very few women entered.  When Lisa is not running she usually can be found holding a large Speedway Diet Pepsi, whether on her way to watch NASCAR or simply humming tunes from "Grease".  Unofficially holds the record for most "buy 6 drinks get the 7th free" coupon Speedway redemptions.

While Lana has not run with the group nearly as long as Lisa, her agreeing to be Joe's partner for Muddy Buddy this month sealed her nomination for this honor.  Lana actually stalked YPOM for many months before gathering the courage to run with us.  Once she started, of course she was hooked.  She is now a regular on the Thursday Pub Runs and even got her non-running husband to at least become a fan of our Facebook page.

Lana ran cross country in high school, and may or may not have been fast, but since she doesn't remember what kind of times she ran we don't know.  After high school she abandoned running until a year or so ago when she wanted to get back into shape.  After deciding to run the 2010 Freep Marathon, she realized it was too long of a timeframe to train for that, so she decided to run the Bayshore Marathon in May.  Despite not following normal training advice, not knowing what GU was, never timing her runs, she cranked out a 4:01:40 and looked fairly fresh at the end.

Is now running with the faster members of the club on group runs, and should easily break 4 hours in Detroit.  Owns the best marathon photo ever, as shown above. 

Past Honorees 

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