Runners of the Month - May 2010



Irina Novikova

John Siragusa

Irina joined the YPOM just last fall, however she quickly became a favorite and friend of all.  Like many new club members, she quickly was sucked into the marathon dream.

Running with the club as often as was possible for someone who didn't live nearby, Irina trained long and hard for the Bug Sur Marathon.  Despite having back issues during training, and limiting the number of runs per week to try to save her back, Irina completed the Big Sur in late April in just under 4:45.  And for those not familiar with the Big Sur course, it is a very challenging race with a large change in elevation.

While pushing on during the second half of the marathon, Irina kept her spirits up (and those around her) by shouting out words of encouragement to herself and those around her.  Perhaps that is her personality, or perhaps some of the spirit of the YPOM has rubbed off on her, as that performance sounded very Sargenta Lucas-y.

Irina will be taking some well deserved rest to strengthen up before turning around and running her second marathon in Chicago - just under 6 months from her first!

John has been a member since his wife made him come out and run.  Like the many others who come out to a pub run, John was hooked.  While he has yet to confirm which marathon will be his first (sorry there is no London Nike River Run) we all have high hopes that he will run his first marathon in 2011.

John is always a good sport.  Often John is not aware of his running schedule until he reads about it on the forum.  But whether he is joining us in a training run, joining in a 1/2, or just bringing the beer to the finish line, regardless, John always has a smile.

The most memorable moment was a Brooksie Way training run where in the first 1/4 mile he took off and announced that he was running with Neil and Argenta.  While the rest of the club spent 12 miles looking for John he kept up with the pace of two of our faster runners.

Like Mike, John enjoys going out to breakfast, with the exception of the IHOP in Orlando where he endured an excruciatingly long wait for his side order of mediocre pancakes.  (This moment was captured in the above photograph.)

Past Honorees 

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