Runners of the Month - April 2010



Anne Crombez

Connor Crombez

Anne has only been running with the group for a short time but epitomizes the spirit and main focus of this club - to have fun and to support others.  Anne always show up and leaves with a huge smile on her face.   Following the Galloway method, she has steadily increased her speed and endurance.

From being a non-runner just a few short months ago to nearing her first half marathon, and then later this year her first full marathon, she has made great progress.  In addition to adopting the running lifestyle, while continuing her work as a teacher she is also finding time to complete her second Masters Degree.

But the finest example of her spirit and dedication to the club came in a race last month.  Having completed the 5K, Anne and Connor were cheering in the 10K runners and waiting for Veronica to finish.  Early in the race Veronica experienced bad hip pain, making it difficult to run.  Anne saw her approaching the last stretch of the race, obviously struggling and in pain and sent Connor out to meet her and run her in.  This seemingly small, but thoughtful gesture made the end of the race bearable for Veronica.  This support and friendship is what we are about!

Connor is the face of the new generation of the YPOM runners.  Easily the youngest member of the club, was introduced of course by his parents, both of whom belong to the club.  Connor ran cross country for his middle school and is a boy scout.

As mentioned in Anne's write-up, Connor's gesture to help Veronica finish her race despite the pain was greatly appreciated.  In her words, "...and then there was this amazing boy named Connor waving, calling my name and then he was right along side of me, cheering me on and running me in the last couple hundred feet or so.  It is difficult to explain, but what he did helped me make it."

We are honored to have both of these Crombez's in the club.  (And you too, Jim!)

Past Honorees 

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