Runners of the Month - March 2010



Sarah Schmidt

Mike Fitzgerald

As Sarah says herself, she is an original.  She seems to have accumulated a lifetime of running escapades and adventures in just a few short years of running, including two marathons.  Not everything is fit to print on a family oriented website, but we all love her just the same.

Whether it's sleeping through the Mackinaw Bridge Run despite 6 people trying to wake her, or her love of car bombs (which seem to have contributed to the previous item), to her adventures in the woods on group runs after her experiments with flax seed, it is never boring when she's around.  And of course her special "Better Than (censored)" cookies are out of this world.

Sarah has recruited several other members into the club over the years.  In 2009 she teamed up with one of those recruits, Mike Fitzgerald, in the Muddy Buddy race.  Responsible for designing the Team Fitzschmidty costumes, she was able to get Mike into a tutu for the event.

Always shows up for runs all bubbly and smiling, she makes our runs a lot more fun.  Apparently she has a boyfriend, but she never mentions him so we don't know much about him.  ;)

Dubbed "Forrest Gump" by his workmates after watching him run at work day after day, Mike started running in 2007 to get in shape and lose weight.  And it worked, he is now a year round runner who has a couple of marathons under his belt.

He has the unique talent of being able to fall asleep while standing up, as was evidenced at the Bridge Run in 2009 and at Goofy in 2010.  This talent seems to appear after celebrating a bit too hard with the club.  The talent ranges from amusing to watch, to dangerous as he may end up crashing into a wall in the bathroom and waking in a tub (just an example, not that it really happened in Orlando on January 11th, 2010).

He also has a talent for leading the group on to breakfast trips after weekend runs.  For some unexplained reason they only seem to happen when Mike is there.

As the other half of Team Fitzschmidty for the Muddy Buddy, Mike has control over the team costumes for 2010 race.  Word has it that he is planning revenge for Sarah's choice in 2009, which has Sarah quite nervous over what she will be forced to wear.

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