Runners of the Month - January 2010



Argenta Lucas

Neil Hayner

Argenta is one of the founding members of the Your Pace or Mine Club.  She affectionally earned the nickname "Sargenta" due to her constant urging to run harder, pick up the pace, etc.  Loves the sport and everything associated with it.  Will always be seen cheering on other runners, either while she is racing herself or after finishing.

In 2009 she was an ambassador for the Mackinaw Bridge Run, one of the select few chosen for this honor.

The main person responsible for the group of runners attending the Goofy Challenge in Orlando this month.  We'll see if they all still are fond of her after this experience.

Argenta is thinking about joining the triathletes in a sprint triathlon sometime soon.  She's trying to get others to join her so beware!

Neil is probably the fastest member of the club.  After narrowly missing qualifying for Boston in 2008, he made it at this year's Free Press Marathon, joining two other club members who will be in Boston this April.

Neil was originally brought into the club by Sarah Schmidt, who was a customer on his route for a long time.  He's a real standup guy who has been known to join the group on a 20 mile run when he's not even training for a marathon.  Never met a shot he didn't agree to drink.

His only black mark was allowing himself to get beaten on the Mackinaw Bridge run by slowpokes Joe Terranova and John Siragusa, among others.  Neil's escapades from the night and morning before caught up with him.  Despite the circumstances, Joe and John were happy to beat Neil any way they could, as it probably will never happen again.

Past Honorees 

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