Runners of the Month - December 2009



Sue Siragusa

Neil Dunn

A long time member, Sue is the heart and soul of the club.  She is always full of energy and excitement when promoting YPOM.  Sue came up with the catchy and memorable name of Your Pace or Mine.  She also was responsible for creating the hugely successful Gus O'Connor's Run Rally, and now has plans for the next big event in February.

She started out just trying to get in shape, and is now a fitness dynamo, between marathon training, aerobics classes, Boot Camps, and leading a Brooksie Way training group.  Watching her makes other people tired.

She recently ran 3 marathons in a space of 51 weeks, culminating in a PR of 4:14 at the Chicago Marathon in October.

Shown above accepting her runner of the month beads, Sue announced her ambitious goal to run a marathon in all 50 states.  I would not bet against her.

Prior to joining YPOM earlier this year, Neil was not much of a runner either.  Yet he set some ambitious goals for himself and in short order he ran his first Crim 10 miler in August, his first half marathon in October, and two weeks later his first marathon, The Detroit Free Press Marathon.

Despite having a tough summer of training where he was unable to fully follow his schedule, Neil persevered through the streets of Detroit and was a proud finisher of his first marathon.  His determination embodies the spirit of this club.

And no, Neil is not carrying a diaper in that photo.  I think it's a shirt.

Past Honorees 

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