Thanks to everyone that attended the Run Rally.  The event was a huge success and everyone seemed to have a great time.

And special thanks to Gus O'Connor's for all the free food, drink, and prizes they provided.


Mark your calendar for November 13, 2010 for a bigger and better run rally!


"Yo Boston Marathon, I'm real happy for ya, and I'mma let you finish,
but the Gus O'Connor's Run Rally is the best running event of all time. OF ALL TIME!!" - Kanye West


Mail or bring this registration form to Gus O'Connor's Pub before Saturday, November 14th to secure your spot.
Can you register the day of the event?  Maybe... only if spots are open!  Please pre-register!  It's only ten bucks!!
Gus O'Connor's Pub is located at 324 Main Street, Rochester MI, 48307.

For a copy of this registration form, please click here

Run Michigan info page
Gus O'Connor's home page

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