The Pint Team challenge is underway.  It is too late to sign up if you haven't done so already, but those of you that have, keep showing up and working your way towards those incentive prizes.  After your 10th appearance you get the water bottle, after your 15th the tee shirt, and after your 20th the coveted running jacket!

If you fall short of 20 appearances there will be an opportunity to purchase the jacket at cost.

Be sure to check in with Sue Siragusa at Paint Creek on Thursday night by 6pm or at O'Connor's afterwards.  Remember, there is also a door prize giveaway each night, but you have to be at O'Connor's to win.

Great turnout for week 1 - and there were a few more not pictured.

This was the turnout for the final Pint Team run.  Thanks everyone for coming all spring/summer long!

Week 1 door prize winner - Tom Cameron

Week 2 door prize winner - Kirt Stalker (BBQ set)

Week 3 door prize winner - Teresa Cripsey and guest

Week 4 door prize winner - Charlie Siragusa

Week 5 prize winner - Sharon Koenig

Week 6 prize winner - Dave Lambert (camp chair)

Week 7 prize winner - Mary Gleason 

Week 8 prize winner #1 - Alaina O'Brien

Week 8 prize winner #2 - Jan Schroeder

Week 9 prize winner - Jason

Week 10 prize winner - Argenta Lucas

Week 11 prize winner - Erin Schmidt

Week 12 prize winner - Ben Gramlich 

Week 13 prize winner - Claire Ahearn

Week 14 prize winner #1 - Stella Martin

Week 14 prize winner #2 - Lauren Gregorio

Week 15 prize winner - Sarah Pete

Week 16 prize winner - Holger Hornisch

Week 17 prize winner #1 - Cheryl Kengerski

Week 17 prize winner #2 - Dawn Smith

Week 18 prize winner - Ingrid Cieplechowicz

Week 19 prize winner - Tim Gregorio 

Week 20 prize winner - Richard Bridenbaugh 

Week 21 prize winner #1 - Erin Schmidt

Week 21 prize winner #2 - Ingrid Cieplechowicz

Week 22 prize winner #1 - Jim Liegghio

Week 22 prize winner #2 - Jen Carabio

Week 22 prize winner #2 - Nicky Thiele (hiding)

Week 22 prize winner #4 - Dave Hanley

Week 22 prize winner #5 - Kevin Malak


Announcing the

O'Connor's Your Pace or Mine Pint Team 2012


Open to everyone, whether you are an official YPOM member or not.  Check out this great deal!


Join us every Thursday for a run/walk/bike on the Paint Creek Trail and earn some great swag while keeping active all summer long.

Registration is easy.  Just show up at the Duck Pond (located just off the Police station, in Rochester Municipal Park) any Thursday in April, fill out a quick form with your name and contact information, pay the $20 fee and you’re in!  Official tracking begins on May 3rd and will continue each Thursday until September 27th.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register in April and pay by cash or check (made out to “O’Connor’s Public House”)
  • Show up at the Duck Pond on Thursdays at 5:45p (with plans to leave no later than 6:15p) for your choice of exercise.  Someone will be there to check you in.
  • Complete your chosen exercise then pop on over to O’Connor’s.  As always your second domestic beer is free!
  • Each week O’Connor’s will raffle off an item – free!  (Must be present to win.)
  • Participate in 10 Pub Runs and receive a custom Pint Team water bottle
  • Participate in 15 Pub Runs and receive an official Pint Team t-shirt
  • Participate in 20 Pub Runs and receive an official Pint Team embroidered running jacket. (Jackets will be ordered in time for all the major big races this fall!)

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  The jacket alone will be worth double your entry fee.  Plus every week you have a chance to win a prize in the free raffle.

So come out and join the members of the Your Pace or Mine Running Club, stay active, make some new friends, enjoy some great food, and have fun.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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