2015 Charlevoix Half Marathon Pacing Team (June 27)

The Your Pace or Mine (YPOM) Running Club is honored to be the official pace team for this year's Charlevoix Half Marathon. If you are trying to hit a goal of between 1:40 and 2:45 for this race, consider utilizing these experienced runners on this challenging course. Or run with them if you just want company. The pacers will run a consistent pace throughout the race, in a sense they will be a moving clock that you can use to gauge how you are doing. Pace teams can help keep you honest, help keep you from going out too fast at the start, and help distract you when the going gets tough.

Look for the pacers before the race, they will be easy to find. Each pace team will have a sign they will carry with their finish time on it. No special registration or signup needed, just join them for all or part of the race. They will offer encouragement, advice and answer questions during the race. We will also be at the Expo the day before the race if you want to talk to us ahead of time.



WHAT PACE TIMES WILL BE OFFERED? Pace Leaders will be leading these finish times:  1:40 (7:38/mile), 1:50 (8:23/mile), 2:00 (9:09/mile), 2:10 (9:55/mile), 2:20 (10:41/mile), 2:30 (11:27/mile), 2:45 (12:35/mile) 

WHAT PACE GROUP SHOULD I BE IN? Hard to say, you are the best to answer this question. If you find yourself in between two times, it is usually best to choose the slower time. If halfway through the race you are feeling good, then speed up. Most people pick the more aggressive time and then fade badly in the second half. The biggest danger is starting out too fast or overestimating your ability. If you have no idea as to what pace you should run because you've never run this distance in a race before, find the pacers beforehand and ask their advice. Based on shorter races you've run or your training speed they can probably give you a good target pace. 


HOW WILL THE PACERS BE RUNNING THE RACE? Every pace leader will be holding a steady pace throughout the course. Think of them as a moving clock. Each mile should be close to the same pace. 

WHERE WILL MY PACE LEADER BE ON RACE MORNING? You will see the Your Pace or Mine tent near the starting area before the race. The pacers will be there and within 15 minutes of the start of the race they will assemble in the starting area. The pacers will have signs with their finish time on them, so find the time you want and start near them. 

WHAT IF I AM USING THE GALLOWAY (RUN/WALK) METHOD? You can still use the pace groups even if you’re using the run-walk method. The pace leaders will not use run-walk, but if your average pace remains constant you will simply pass them when you run and get passed when you walk. 

IF I JOIN A PACE GROUP DO I HAVE TO STAY WITH THEM FOR THE WHOLE RACE? Nope. Runners often tire later in the race and fall behind, especially when they are shooting for an ambitious time. If you have to fall back, then do so. Conversely, if you are feeling good later in the race and want to go ahead, do so! The biggest mistake people make is starting too fast, so be careful those first few miles.

I'D LOVE TO SEE WHAT THESE FABULOUS PACERS LOOK LIKE AND HEAR A LITTLE ABOUT THEM. Wow, what a coincidence. You can see and read about them below!

1:40 Pace Team (7:38/mile)

I love running and look forward to pacing those who want to run this half in 1:40 or better. Ran my first marathon at age 40 because I was bored and needed a challenge. Ran my second when I turned 50 because I run. 

I continue to run because I like ice cream and beer. Jim and I will bring the pace you bring the jokes and enjoy this Half Marathon with us.

Bruce Matthews

Jim Micklas

I moved out to Michigan for college and found many family and friends here including the Your Pace or Mine Running Club. 30 years later I still enjoy the beauty of Michigan with all its seasons.

This race is going to be a blast! If you're thinking about a PR or just a fun group to run with, you found the right place!

1:50 Pace Team  (8:23/mile)

I started running steady in 2009. Since then, I decided to spend more time training for a specific goal or race, and have completed a variety of 5K’s, 10K's, half and full marathons!

It's not easy to find the time to get that running workout while juggling work and family, yet, many people pull this off every day. Running has been a great way to keep me active and stress free.

I have paced several 10K’s and half marathons in the last 3 years and I love the opportunity to help others accomplish their running goals. I look forward to being your pacer for the Charlevoix Half. Let’s have some fun too!!

Nora Bikos

Matt Shipes

Hello half marathoners! Welcome to the Charlevoix half marathon and I'm looking forward to being one of your 1:50 pacers. This will be my about my 15th half marathon and 6th time pacing.

I began running 4 years ago and it has gone from a miserable excuse to be outside to something that I would consider "fun".

I look forward to seeing y'all at the finish line at about 1:49.49.

2:00 Pace Team (9:09/mile)

I developed my love of running when I started running “fun runs” as a child with my father on the weekends. In 2006, I completed my first half marathon (Disney) and my first Marathon in 2007 (also Disney). Since then, I've completed a total of 30 half marathons, 27 marathons and numerous 10Ks and 5Ks.

My father and others like him keep me motivated to run. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, my father (who is a runner) no longer runs marathons or half marathons, but will still complete 5Ks. Watching the determination he has and seeing the struggle just to do simple tasks, gives me the courage to continue even when a fun hobby becomes difficult.

I have 6 years of pacing experience, pacing for various 10Ks, half marathons and 25Ks. I look forward to being your 2:00 pacer for the Charlevoix Half. Let’s get it done!!

Argenta Lucas

Lauryn Roycraft

Hello Charlevoix runners! I am so excited to help you hit that 2 hour goal!

I've been running for over ten years. It started as a way to lose weight and relieve stress in college and has turned into a passion. Ok, I’ll admit it – it’s more of an addiction! There is no better way to start the day than with a run.  :)

I've completed multiple 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and a few full marathons. Argenta and I run together, work together and can’t wait to pace you through this half marathon together. See you at the start!

2:10 Pace Team (9:55/mile)

I am honored and excited to introduce myself as your 2:10 pacer. I would like to think of myself as a recreational runner, but I take my running seriously. I am a mechanical engineer by profession. I love running and weightlifting. Running taught me a way of life, made me a better person, has introduced me to some really awesome people and above all has given me privilege to be part of such an amazing community.

I have run two full marathons and a few half marathons. I have paced about 5-6 races and I love pacing. I feel so amazing when I try to take runners across the finish line and help them beat their time goal or get that sweet PR. I am really looking forward to pacing Charlevoix half marathon.

I am famous for running hungover (or drunk if the night gets too long). So be ready for some good stories. It will be interesting to see which version of me shows up for pacing, drunk, hungover or sober. See you at the start line and lets beat that PR.

Divesh Mittal

Julie Slade

Hello Charlevoix half marathoners! 

My running career began in 2012 when I took on my first half marathon. My love of food has motivated me to keep my running career going and I have enjoyed several half and full marathons since then. 

Charlevoix will be my 5th time pacing. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your 2:10 goal in beautiful Northern Michigan!

2:20 Pace Team (10:41/mile)

My name is Matt Kiracofe, and I will be pacing the 2 hours and 20 minute pace group. I have been running for a little over 3 years now. Running for me started out as method to get into shape, and now I look back in amazement with where a little hard work can get you. In that time I have gone through many running milestones from running my first mile, 5k, half marathon, and marathon within the first year. I guess what I am trying to say is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

By the start of the Charlevoix half marathon I will have completed 14 marathons (2 in the last month) in my quest for 50 in 50 states, and 15 half marathons. This will also be my fourth opportunity to pace a half marathon. Running has change my life, and I love any opportunity that allows to me to give back to the running community.

So come June 27th join me for a wild 13.1 mile journey with the 2:20 pace group.

Matt Kiracofe

Joe Terranova

Hello runners, I am honored to be one of your 2:20 pacers. Since my disastrous first marathon in 2001 I have steadily learned how to appreciate and enjoy the sport. I have completed a total of 9 marathons and over 30 Half Marathons, some serious, some for fun. I have paced 8 half marathons, including Brooksie Way, Let's Move and last year's Clarkston Back Roads.

Matt and I have raced and paced together multiple times, and we do make a fine team if I do say so myself. Well, somebody has to say it. We've got some fun stories to tell too, ask us about the New Orleans Marathon if you've got some time to kill. Oh yeah, you have over 2 hours, we've got time.

If you want to meet or break 2:20 and run with (unofficially) the greatest if not the most serious pace team out there, join Matt and me on June 27th!

2:30 Pace Team  (11:27/mile)

Hello Charlevoix runners! Back in 2011, I ran my first half marathon in Charlevoix and I've been back every year since (I even ran the full in 2013).

Why do I keep coming back? The scenery is beautiful, the course is perfect for personal records, and the medal you receive is by far the best any Michigan race has to offer.

I look forward to helping you all achieve your personal victories. If you’d like some distraction while running, just ask me about my cat.

Laura Gudme

Jacob Piontkowski

Hello fellow runners! I am an elementary school teacher and reside in Rochester, MI. It doesn't matter what season it is, I enjoy all types of outdoor activities. That includes (but is not limited to) snowboarding, SUP, cycling, and running.

Whether this is your first, second, or last 1/2 marathon, I couldn't be more excited to run with you in Charlevoix. Let's get our feet moving and cross that finish line!

2:45 Pace Team (12:35/mile)

Hello Charlevoix Runners. My name is Claire and I will be one of the pacers for the 2:45 group. So excited to meet a few new runners.

I have been running and racing for many years. I always loved the 10 mile and half marathon distance along with bike racing, in-line skating and adventure racing. 5 years ago I moved my personal training business into a new location. I still race but not at the same level or amount of time I was able to do in the past. 

I hope to have a chance to not only help you get to your goal of finishing a great race but at a pace that makes you happy. There isn’t anything quite like coming across the finish line of a race. I have always felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I enter and finish a race. So let’s have a wonderful race together.

Claire Ahearn

Roxanne Ropponen

Hello, fabulous runners! Known worldwide as Robin-the-Girl-Wonder-Pacer-Extraordinaire, I will be pacing this race as my alter ego, Roxanne. A veteran YPOM pacer, I will be one half of your 2:45 pacing team!

I have run my share of marathons, more half’s than I can count (all but 2 as a pacer!), am an avid trail runner, and am best known for my tendency to eat, a lot. The last half I ran was in May when my 61 year old dad and I - at 13 weeks pregnant – ran Bayshore. We brought my dad in with a 15 minute PR at 2:16! Not bad for the ole’ man and his pregnant daughter! Man, did we have a hoot.

For Charlevoix, I will be 18 weeks pregnant, and, yes, my doctor said I can run. The very best part about having a pregnant pacer is the sad truth that I will not be imbibing in my usual post-race libations, which only means one thing: more for you.

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