2016 Brooksie Way Half Marathon Pacing Team

For the 5th straight year, the Your Pace or Mine (YPOM) Running Club is honored to be the official pace team for the Brooksie Way Half Marathon. This year’s theme is "Running Through the Decades". Each team will dress appropriate for the decade they are representing, starting with the 2000s, then the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, and pre-50s. You don't have to dress up to run with us, but feel free to do so if you wish!

If you are trying to hit a goal of between 1:40 and 2:45 for this race, consider utilizing these experienced runners on this challenging course. Or run with them if you just want company. The pacers will mostly run a consistent pace throughout the race, in a sense they will be a moving clock that you can use to gauge how you are doing. (In reality, we will go slightly faster in the first half of the race in order to bank some time for when we start the slow climb up Tienken.) The pace teams can help keep you honest, help keep you from going out too fast at the start, and help distract you when the going gets tough.

Look for the pacers before the race, they will be easy to find. Each pace team will have a sign they will carry with their finish time on it. No special registration or signup needed, just join them for all or part of the race. They will offer encouragement, advice and answer questions during the race. We will also be at the Expo on Friday and Saturday before the race if you want to talk to us ahead of time.

1:40 Pace Team (7:38/mile): 2000s - Jim "8 Mile" Micklas and Tim "Y2K" Gregorio

During the weekdays we're supposed to reprogram our systems to handle 4 digit years, but since we just play Solitaire and Minesweeper all day, we’re a little behind. So the world is probably going to end.

But this is your chance to train to survive the Y2K apocalypse and outrun the zombies. Come join us if 1:40 is your pace goal and you want to party like it's 1999 (and hear even more Y2K jokes).

1:50 Pace Team (8:23/mile): 1990s - Bruce "MC Hammer" Matthews and Casey "Milli Vanilli" Hogan

We're planning to run this race like we remember the 90s. It was fast, with a lot of drinking, and at the end partying like it's 1999. However the drinking will involve mostly water and Gatorade, so we don't plan on anyone in our group getting sick.

With pace leaders like "MC Hammer" Matthews and "Milli Vanilli" Hogan, what could go wrong? While there may be a lot of lip syncing, there will not be any leg syncing, you'll have to cover the whole course on your own two feet. And once we get to Tienken, it will be "hammer time" as we tackle the hills.

So put on your parachute pants and join us on September 25th for a rocking good time!

2:00 Pace Team (9:09/mile): 1980s - Argenta "Wayne Campbell" Lucas and Matt " Garth Algar" Shipes

It's Wayne's world! Wayne's world. Party time! Excellent!

Coming to you live from Aurora Illinois pacing the 2:00 group is Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar! Instead of riding in style in the Mirth-mobile we'll be running this time in beautiful Rochester Hills Mi. 

Way better than being magically whisked away to Delaware.

Hi, I'm in.... Delaware.

Wayne (Argenta) is a Brooksie veteran and has run or paced all previous Brooksie Way half Marathons. Garth (Matt) has run 2 and paced 3. The race day plan is to run 9's until we get to Tienken road so we'll have a little time banked for the hills and then ease into the finish.

Can't wait to see you all there!

Party on Wayne.

Party on Garth.


2:10 Pace Team (9:55/mile): 1970's - Jen "Foxy Lady" Bruns and Divesh "Born to Run" Mittal

Come join Divesh and I as we boogie across Rochester Hills. We have hit the dance floor (aka paced) many races together and it's always groovy.

We will entertain with crazy stories, bad jokes and spectacular dance moves.

Foxy Lady and Born to Run will bring you in for a 2:10 finish. Can you dig it?

2:20 Pace Team (10:41/mile): 1960s - Joe "Cosmo" Terranova and Roxanne "Moonbeam" Ropponen

Hey all you flower children, this is your favorite 2:20 pace team, Cosmo and Moonbeam. You may remember us from 2013 as Pegleg and Captain Hook, or from 2012 as Angel and Devil, or maybe 2014 as Batman and Robin, or even last year when you had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles leading your group. Regardless, we have many years of experience with this course, as Cosmo has run or paced all 8 previous years of this half marathon, and Moonbeam has run or paced almost all of them.

We know you'll have a groovy time running with us. We have plenty of far out stories to tell, and if you want to get Moonbeam going just ask her about her love child born not long after last year's race. While we do not anticipate a torrential downpour and frolicing in the mud ala Woodstock, you never know.


2:30 Pace Team (11:27/mile): 1950s - "Run Around" Sue Siragusa and Matt "Grease Lightning" Kiracofe

Hey all you greasers and bobby sockers, we hope you’ll join us for a rock 'n roll good time for this year's Brooksie Way. We plan to keep a steady 11:20 pace throughout which will allow time to walk through water stops (sorry there is no time to stop at Knapps for a malt). We will do the twist through the beautiful cities of Rochester and Rochester Hills. Speaking of hills, you may not find a thrill on Blue Berry Hill but you will get a great satisfaction once you complete the wonderful rollers on Tienken, Brewster, and Dutton.

So whether you're wearing some Blue Suede Shoes or dancing the Jitterbug, we will be with you every step of the way.

Look for us race morning near our running club tent or just meet us in the corral. We’ll have the 2:30 pace sign and a big warm welcome for you.

Matt and Sue are both members of the Your pace or Mine Running Club as well as the National 50 States Marathon Club. They are sure to have stories to entertain you for 2:30!


2:45 Pace Team (12:35/mile): Pre-1950s - Kristin "Daisy" Kalakay and Charles "Mr. No Legs Left" Estep

Yeah, we're slightly different than the other decades, as we're merging earlier years. So let's just call us the pre-50s.

Representing the free-spirited, carefree 20's is me, Kristin, alias Daisy the Flapper. I am so excited to help motivate you to achieve your goal! I started running in 2012 and have come a long ways since then. I signed up for my first half marathon in 2013, which was a disaster but I finished. Since then I have ran over twenty half and two full marathons.

I am a very bubbly person who loves to motivate others. Hope to see you at the Brooksie Way, I know you'll be the bees knees!

And representing the tougher, pre-50s crowd is me, Charles Estep (Mr. No Legs Left). I'll help get you motivated to the finish line. If not me, my "little friend" will keep you in line.

It's going to be a gas running with all of you and meeting new people along the way. So have your stompers on and ready to be a ducky shincracker along the journey.

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