2014 Brooksie Way Super Pacers!

For the third straight year the Your Pace or Mine (YPOM) Running Club will be providing pacing duties for the Brooksie Way Half Marathon. This year’s theme is superheroes. These 7 pairs of runners with superhuman strength and endurance can help you meet or surpass your goal, while occasionally saving the random damsel in distress along the course.

1:40 Pacers: The Flash and Green Lantern 

I currently hold the unofficial record for completing the Brooksie Way Course in 35 seconds, although this time around I've been told I need to run it at closer to a 1 hour 40 minute pace. If that sounds like your kind of pace, come join us for a good time (and a good time).

-       Jim "The Flash" Micklas 

I will use the power of the Green Lantern to hold the flash in check, allowing all the mortals nearby to stay with him during this trek through the hills of Rochester.  It may also come in handy to boost everyone up the Dutton Mountain.  Whatever it takes to meet the goal, the Green Lantern will do.

-       Tim “Green Lantern” Gregorio

1:50 Pacers: Captain America and Wolverine 

I’m very excited to be pacing up the Dutton Hill this year! The little mound in the new route will make our goals a little tougher this year. I started running in 2010, when plain walking got too boring. I ran the Brooksie that year, it was my first half and I've run it every year since. I can proudly say the Brooksie Way 2013 is my PR half. I've run almost 50 races since 2010 including the Boston Marathon this year.

“Surrender on Dutton??!! You think this letter on my head stands for France?”

-       Michael “Captain America” Stolnicki 

I started running about 3 years ago when my runner roommate convinced me it was "fun". From there it progressed from 5K's to running marathons, bub. This will be my 3rd time running the Brooksie Way and my second time pacing.

As Wolverine says "I'm the best there is at what I do..." so if you would like to run a 1:50 pace join me and Captain America.

-       Matt “Wolverine” Shipes 

2:00 Pacers: Supergirl and Wonder Woman 

My running career began in 2012 when I took on my first half marathon. Since then, I have completed several halfs and a couple of full marathons.  Returning as the 2:00 Brooksie Way pacer for my second year, I look forward to helping you reach your pace goal. 

Wonder Woman and I have a pacing plan that will help you conquer the Brooksie hills. Dutton will not be our Kryptonite! Not even Superman himself can beat us. While he and The Hulk are slacking off on the Paint Creek Trail chugging another beer we will be making the turn onto Adams and streaking for the finish.

-       Julie “Supergirl” Slade

Fear not my mortal friends, for I, Wonder Woman will come out of my invisible jet plane and help you keep pace with your half marathon ambitions! Take my hand, for I give it freely. Together we will keep our enemies at curb and our times at two - hours, that is. Can you handle the speed? Tell the truth...don't make me use my golden lasso!

Don't worry, if the hills are too tough I have my invisible plane we can use. Nobody will be able to see us, it will be our little secret. In fact it's parked right over...um...shoot. I hate when this happens!

- Erin “Wonder Woman” Schmidt

2:10 Pacers: Sharkboy and Lavagirl 

Sharkboy will be taking a break from swimming and defending Planet Drool to pace the Brooksie Way. With trusty pal, Lavagirl they will use their special powers to keep runners at a 2:10 pace. The hills of Rochester will be no match for these superheroes!

-       Jen “Sharkboy” Bruns

-       Laura “Lavagirl” Gudme

2:20 Pacers: Batman and Robin 

Greetings fellow citizens of Gotham. For the third straight year this dynamic duo will be helping you navigate the Brooksie Way course in order to hit your goal of 2:20. While last year we ran in our other secret identity costumes as pictured above, this year we’re breaking out the tights and special gadgets to get you through those hills of Rochester.




“Holy leg cramps, Batman!” Fear not Robin, and those in this pace group. With our Anti-Leg Cramp Bat Spray™ the hills will be a breeze. The Joker dares not show his face on race day, so come join our team as we speed through our fair city with ease. As long as Robin doesn't get captured more than 3 times during the race we will finish in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

-       Joe “Batman” Terranova

-       Roxanne “Robin” Ropponen  

2:30 Pacers: Superman and The Hulk 

Howdy Citizens,

This is your friendly neighborhood "Man of Steel"...or as some might see it, Man of...Beer, Bacon and Cheetos! By day, I am a spectacle-wearing, email-banging, white shirt-wearing average office type of guy...but by night, I wear tights with red underwear over them (freaky, eh?), a red cape, and style up some really sweet looking, greased-down hair that suddenly turns wavy in all the right places! This year, I am honored to pace the notorious 2:30 minute block for the Brooksie Way - unless a sudden crime wave breaks out, or if Lex Luthor shows up to try and rain on our parade. 

I've been running for many years - steadily the past 4 or 5, and have completed quite a few half marathons now (wearing through some pretty awesome red patent leather boots along the way), so I should be able to help keep you motivated and moving right along. Please leave your Kryptonite at home that weekend, though!

-       Jim “Superman” Liegghio

I have been a green giant all my life, until I found this antidote of running. Running keeps me calm and sane, but hills make me angry. This year Brooksie organizers decided to bring on a tougher Dutton Hill. But don’t y'all worry. Just make sure I get angry enough by those hills and we all will be saying “Puny Hill” by the end of the race. Angrier I get, stronger I become.

I am not gonna sugar coat it. Half marathon on hilly course is no joke. That’s why YPOM got you the team of superheroes to fight all the hills, the cramps, the fatigue. And as always it’s the superheroes who will win. It ain’t gonna come easy, but I can promise you it will be fun. Here is my jingle:

I am The Incredible Hulk,                                                                                     No one else is greener                                                                                     And when the going gets tough,                                                                         No one is meaner                                                                                                 I got huge arms, legs and fists                                                                         When I look at bad guys, I get pissed                                                               Fighting crime is what I do                                                                                If you get me angry, hell yeah I'm coming after you!

- Divesh “The Hulk” Mittal

2:45 Pacers: Spider-Man and Aquaman 

Ka-Pow! Come join the most Amazing, Energized, Spider-Man/Woman on an unforgettable, dynamite, spectacular, pulse-pounding journey of 13.1 crazy miles. We will cross the finish line safely in 2:45 far, far away from the evil Green Goblin. I will not let you escape me!! 

When she is not pacing, Spidey maintains her secret identity in Rochester Hills as a mother of 4. Spidey has completed 9 half marathons and been running 8 years. This September she is tackling an Ironman 70.3 in addition to the Brooksie Way. Run along with Spidey on this super, fantastic, greatest run ever! Thoooom! Shoosh! Bkow! 

-       Deb “Spider-Man” Silver

Although better known for living in the oceans I, Aquaman, have decided to join the fight against all hills in Rochester. Together, we will team up and finish off the Brooksie Way with no runner left behind! This promise I make to YOU, oceanic friends, and my former people of Atlantis! Becoming dehydrated or thirsty during our mission will be no worry with me around. Let's make this race a SPLASH!!

When not pacing, Aquaman maintains his secret identity in Rochester with his dog, Olive, and is an elementary school teacher. Over the years he has completed 5K's, 10K's, 1/2 marathons, mud races, bike races, SUP's, and has snowboarded and skied on mountains all over the world. Does this make him the definition of a cross-trainer or just an adrenaline junkie?

-       Jacob “Aquaman” Piontkowski

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