Top 5ive Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Can I run with your club?  Yes!  There's never any fees, no registration or anything like that.  Everyone is welcome...all speeds, all distances.   Please join us, you'll be glad you did!

2.  How far?  How fast do you go?  Excellent question.  Before we meet, we discuss (in our forum) how far people want to run.  Want to go less?  More?  Someone will run all or some of your distance with you.  Our pace is always determined by the people who show up.  We typically range from 8 to 11 minute miles, but will certainly do our best to accommodate everyone's abilities.  Wanna go faster?  Slower?  Ask away in the forum under upcoming runs.

3.  What's your group like?  We are the greatest group of individuals ever.  Don't believe me?  Well, join us and find out for yourself!  We've got dozens of runners with a passion for the sport and love getting others to the next level - whatever that may be.

4.  I'm training for this race in the near future... will someone help me train?  Absolutely!  We've got such great people, they'll run with you, motivate ya... chances are there's someone running that race too and willing to drive!  Need a training plan?  Tips?  Injury advice?  We've got it all.  Get to know us!

5.  I'm thinking about joining you.  How do I do that?  Introduce yourself on our forum, or just show up!!  Upcoming runs are posted on the forum and advertised on our Facebook page.  Keep this webpage handy, it's your best way to find out about upcoming runs, races and events.  We post everything on our forum and important events will show up on the front page.  If you have a question, email us.  Other than that, just show up!

Biggest reason people are hesitant to show up?  "I'm too slow."  "I'm afraid I will slow everyone down."  We have heard this concern dozens of times and it is just not true.  When we say there are all speeds we mean it.  Just show up one time and find out.  If you don't like it, just don't come back.  But they always do come back!

Please take the following Your Pace or Mine aptitude test. 
Here's a hint, just answer "(d) all of the above"!  Seriously, how awesome is that?


Who is Your Pace or Mine?  Is it…

(a)  a group of runners training on weekends for a fall marathon or half

(b)  a bunch who believe that your longer training runs are way more fun when done together

(c)  friends you can count on to be there to go the extra mile, literally


What about your core values?  Is it…

(a)  we believe that running is awesome and we’ll provide more than enough encouragement, motivation and enthusiasm to get you out every single time.  Oh, and sometimes there’s shame too.

(b)  we believe that YOU are awesome and deserve recognition for all the wonderful things you do

(c)  we believe that “you don’t have to win”.  We are the running club for those who are elite people, but not necessarily elite runners.  Yet.


Where, when and how far do you run?  Is it…

(a)  weekends, usually early morning Saturdays and/or Sundays, and Thursday evenings

(b)  Rochester Hills, Michigan, normally on the Paint Creek Trail

(c)  as far as the training plan tells us OR if you need to run more, there’s always someone just as crazy as you willing to join


How fast?  What if I can’t keep up or go as far?  Is it…

(a)  pace is determined by who shows up, I know it’s vague but hey, lighten up!!

(b)  please refer to the above comment about someone crazy enough to join you.  If you want to go fast or slow, no problem

(c)  you want to go a shorter distance, join us for the first half of your run and then loop back.   Dig?


How do I join?  How much does it cost?  Is it…

(a)  find out about upcoming runs, races and events by checking out the forum!  Bookmark it, memorize it, visit it here.  You’ll be instantly welcomed and learn all you need to know.  There was an email list, but it got racy.

(b)  join by just showing up and running.  Tattoos come later.

(c)  there’s no cost or fees, but hey, contribute to the post run picnic once in a while


Do you have questions about YPOM?

Or suggestions?  Comments?  Feel free to email us at


Want to join us?

Great!  See you at our next event or upcoming run.  Check the forum for upcoming runs/events, and post a message introducing yourself if you so desire.

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